infected Pouncey and slow Steen

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infected Pouncey and slow Steen

Post by mercury22nathan on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:13 am

But it’s important to note that Pouncey wasn’t held out of the offseason program for precautionary reasons; he was held out because doctors haven’t cleared him. So there will remain some doubt until we actually see him on the field.

The perennially troublesome hip wasn’t the only problem Pouncey dealt with this spring. According to a source, he also was in discomfort from a bacterial infection in his inner thigh, which has been treated.

People who have spoken to the team believe they’re comfortable with their options (Kraig Urbik, Ted Larsen, Anthony Steen) if Pouncey has a setback.

Urbik is the likely starter if Pouncey is unable to play. A source inside the building said that if Pouncey is sidelined, players prefer Urbik over Steen at center because Steen took too long to make calls, at times, last season.

the Phins running game (and hence the whole offense) really suffered without Pouncey, but i am not sure where this confidence that he makes it through a 16 (or even 6 to 8 if you ask me) game schedule comes from? Or that the backups are sufficient?

two things i learned from the above. Pouncey also suffered an inner thigh infection and that Steen takes too long to make call - that can kill an offenses momentum (so much for the quick pace).

like it or not, i foresee and very high draft pick in 2018 being used on the center position.


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Re: infected Pouncey and slow Steen

Post by JMP on Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:25 pm

If Pouncey can't play, I would prefer Urbik starting at guard and Larsen starting at center - I think that makes the most sense in terms of putting square pegs in square holes. Larsen at guard scares me, but I think he can be an adequate center. Urbik is a more natural guard IMO.

Steen should just be cut - if he can't make calls, he's useless.

And yes, a fairly high draft pick at center is long overdue. We've been throwing garbage at the position for years now, assuming that the always-injured Pouncey will miraculously stay healthy - and scrambling to polish turds when he inevitably gets hurt.


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