Upset Sunday!

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Upset Sunday!

Post by JMP on Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:42 pm

What a crazy day in the NFL...the Dolphins win in Atlanta, the Giants win in Denver, the Steelers win in KC, the Bears win in Baltimore...WTF!

And then you have Adrian Peterson rising from the grave to have a monster game for the Cardinals, and Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone and pretty much ending the Packers' season.

Damn, that's a lot of action in one day!


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Re: Upset Sunday!

Post by DolFan 316 on Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:08 am

JMP wrote:And then you have Adrian Peterson rising from the grave to have a monster game for the Cardinals...

At first I thought that was a typo but then I checked and sure enough, somehow he's on the Cards now Shocked Shocked Shocked Shows how much I've been paying attention to the NFL lately Laughing

The Rodgers thing just shows that there's no way the NFL can prevent injuries short of making it flag football, and even then somebody will find a way to tear an ACL.

As I said before, there are no great teams anymore. Pretty much anybody (except the Browns and 49ers) can beat anybody else or lose to anybody else any given week. Except the Pats, they'll always find a way to scrape by with the help of officials, other players messing up, opposing coaches going brain-dead late in games, etc. And even they have two losses. In fact, 28 teams now have between 2 and 4 losses with every team having lost once now and all but two teams having won.

This is the sort of thing the NFL needs to win fans back, although so many home teams losing while favored won't help.

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