So It's Not Just Me

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So It's Not Just Me

Post by DolFan 316 on Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:15 pm

There really is an unprecedented amount of mediocrity--um, 'parity" in the NFL right now.

I propose the following reasons why this is so.

1. Home field disadvantage: Let's be real, anyone attending NFL games today is only doing it so the $$$ they spent on season tickets isn't wasted. because given recent events, home crowds just aren't in the mood to supply the home team with that positive energy they did in years past. If anything the home crowd vibe has never been more angry and negative, to the point where playing on the road is actually easier, since in that situation it's the other team's fans booing them.

2. Terrible training: It seems players coming out of college are less prepared and qualified than ever for the NFL, to the point where it takes a minimum of 3 years for them to make an impact, if they ever do.

3. The practice situation: This has been covered in detail already, but when players who are already behind the 8 ball as it is come into the NFL and they get less practice time than ever athnks to the NFLPA being selfish idiots, what did anybody expect? Speaking of which...

4. Too many distractions: Today's players literally devote more effort into fighting for their right to commit felonies without consequences--which they already had--than to doing their actual jobs, then whine about how some people object to this without the slightest self-awareness or traces of irony.

5. Incompetant front offices: Just in the AFC East alone you have three organizations apparently devoted to self-destruction. And that doesn't even cover the Browns. It really does seem to me that around 80% of NFL teams try harder NOT to win, for whatever reason.

There are now so many bad teams that they wind up taking wins off each other by sheer accident, to the point where now some of them even manage to make the playoffs despite clearly not being anywhere near good. The irony is, an NFL team now has to try harder to be 4-12 or worse than to be at least .500.

We all know the Fins are flawed, and quite badly at that. And yet every year they still win at least 6 games even when they start the season trying to lose on purpose (2011) despite sometimes being clearly no better than the teams who win 4 games or less, because every year they play just enough of the other bad teams to barely scrape by at least that many times.

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Re: So It's Not Just Me

Post by CarsonChris on Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:13 pm

Miami's front office is abysmal. It's been that way for more than a decade, hence the pathetic results year after year. It's always about the players. Unfortunately I think the last director of player personnel was better than the current one.


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