UPDATE: Phins sign QB Brock Osweiler

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Re: UPDATE: Phins sign QB Brock Osweiler

Post by white1 on Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:13 am

Still...I agree, whatever FORMULA...PLAN...DESIGN....SCHEME....SCENARIO...what ever the heck it is....the Phins are following in the off season(s)....somebody needs to step in with a large and solid whiffle ball bat and beat some sense into them...him...her...whomever is in charge!!!

I'll offer a contrarian view, because why the heck not.

I do like SOME of the moves we have made this offseason, and I will also say I can see the logic behind some of the moves I don't like. Anyway, here we go:

- Releasing Suh. Defense is truly a team sport, and by several accounts Suh failed in the leadership category. Freelancing often, berating team mates because they "were not good enough to play with him". Plus, the HUGE cap hit from the dreadful contract we gave him. I can see why letting him go makes sense from several aspects. It's really hard to watch our best talent walk out the door, but the drawbacks were too many and too much to overcome. Finally, I can't argue with the fact our defense SUCKED, and he was part of those units.

- Failing to sign Landry. An emotional leader and fiery athlete, favorite to several Fin fans I'm sure. I loved him. However, the money he wanted, for a player with less than prototypical #1 receiver attributes... at the end of the day that's probably not a smart. We ended up signing two receivers who together will lessen the hit we take by losing a talented receiver with toughness, YAC, and sure hands. Plus we avoid tying up so much cap space for a player that arguably cannot take over a game by himself. Great receivers can and have done this.

- Releasing Pouncey. Getting old. Bad injury history. Expensive. Nothing not to like here. I don't know if I believe the rumors, but if he was simply screaming at younger players... yeah that doesn't always work. LEAD, don't just berate people. Additionally, we replaced him with a solid starter from SF for cheap, and we have a capable backup in Brendel. Overall, big plus for our O line depth.

- Signing Sitton. Spent some FA money to finally make a serious push to solve a years-long problem at Guard. No arguments here. Needed to be done.

- Signing Frank Gore. So, I like the addition of a 35 year old running back who is clearly winding down? Guilty. The way he works, the character, the history with the city of Miami - our locker room needs this kind of positive influence. I'm sure he'll contribute on the field also. So much heart, if any of our players pick up on how to train, how to work and how to act like Gore, it's a total win for us.

- A few other no-brainer moves I liked, and I think several agree: Releasing Thomas, Timmons, finally going another direction from Moore (even if Osweiler appears a total dead end). Every team makes mistakes. Limiting the time those mistakes linger is important, and we've done that here.


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Re: UPDATE: Phins sign QB Brock Osweiler

Post by finfanatic on Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:12 pm

Oh, I agree, SOME of the moves were a necessity W1.

I am just saying that when you look at it from an OVERALL point of view, when you try and REBUILD the team in free agency, you have made a mistake.

Now, if you want to say they are trying to correct past mistakes by signing less expensive free agents, I would agree.

At some point, following the same general formula that has failed in the past is not a good idea....and this looks like another heaping helping of Epic Fail to me.

I certainly hope I am wrong.


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Re: UPDATE: Phins sign QB Brock Osweiler

Post by rightchea on Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:12 pm

there is a difference in signing players that would cost less money that aren't good and paying less money to players that would actually contribute. Osweiler isn't a great signing at all especially when he not good or even average. Even Kap would have been a better pickup for less money than that guy.

Gore is another interesting pickup for me. I understand that you have to find players that are veterans but how much will he really contribute at the age of 35. a couple of 1000 season didn't help the Colts get no where near the playoffs.


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Re: UPDATE: Phins sign QB Brock Osweiler

Post by JMP on Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:20 pm

Osweiler SUCKS. John Elway found that out quickly, as did Bill O'Brien. In fact, Osweiler is so bad that the Texans traded him AND A 2ND ROUND PICK!!!! to the Browns just to get rid of him. The Browns never wanted him...they just wanted the pick, and they had the cap space to take the salary hit.

A QB that was on 3 teams in 3 years, and the teams couldn't get rid of him quickly enough...in this day and age when QBs are at a premium, that speaks volume. But Gase has the fucking BALLS to think that he can "develop" Osweiler! What a joke!!

And for the record, as much as I hate both of them, I'd take Cutler or Moore ANY DAY over Osweiler.


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Re: UPDATE: Phins sign QB Brock Osweiler

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