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Had To Share This

Post by DolFan 316 on Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:38 pm

This comment sums up so much about so much.


Mia-Ne Tom Brady has a losing record in Miami. I know, but honestly that can't explain this game. I honestly intended to watch the Bills-Jets game but kept eyeing this game because Miami played not great, but better than anyone could have expected. The Patriots refused to pass much of the first half and still managed to get Tom Brady hurt. The Dolphins game plan was to hit Tom Brady. They did, illegally at times. The Patriots seemed more interested not losing their QB than winning the game. They almost did both. It was an odd game. Miami is a dumpster fire and the front office, coaching staff, and roster will now implode. No doubt the Patriots will use this game to scout out the Miami players they want to steal from the new hires in Miami. AFCeast update. For 12th time in 13 years New England wins the AFC east. For the fifth straight year the east produces no wild card team. Woot that's exciting. This weekend showed AFC east football games could be fun, but they aren't relevant for three teams in it because the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins never win the division or get to the playoffs. Yawn. Jets meet General Pyrrhus. He congratulates you on your 10 wins. Are the Bills talented or is this team Rex Ryan unraveling? Is Mike Tannenbuam, the guy in charge of a AFC east team since 2006 with zero division titles, the man to lead Miami to the holly grail of 9 wins? Who cares. This division is hot garbage with one King. It's dull and now fallen to absurdly dull. Even when the Jets, Bills, or Dolphins are good they somehow lose everything. Either this changes or empty seat is going to be the only season ticket holder in Miami. He certainly the only one that showed up the last month in Miami.


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Re: Had To Share This

Post by white1 on Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:43 pm

LOL! Great paragraph. Sad and true, but well done.


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