Thank God For The Falcons!!!

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Thank God For The Falcons!!!

Post by DolFan 316 on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:10 pm

Because if not for them the Panthers would've breezed to 19-0 and the Fins would become even more irrelevant than they already are. Not to mention the absolute burial of the Fins by a gleeful media who's been waiting for it to happen for over 40 years now.

Seriously, this SB is going to be the mother of all curbstompings. It'll make Seahawks-Broncos look like a nailbiter unless the Panthers decide to take pity on Old Man Peyton after getting out to a 35 point lead or so. Those guys are thrashing opponents in January in a way the '07 Pats didn't even come close to.

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