What I want to see most this season, starting week 1

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What I want to see most this season, starting week 1

Post by JMP on Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:50 am

I am so damn tired of seeing this Dolphins offense sleepwalking through the first half of games. It's happened over and over, pretty much every week (or so it seems) since Tannehill has been the starting QB. The offense gets off to a slow start, and than it's a game of catch-up the rest of the day. That's no way to consistently win games in this league.

If Gase is truly the offensive genius so many people think he is, then this has to change. After 4 years, I'm thinking Tannehill is just a slow starter who needs a lot of time to get his head in the game. I don't know if that's something that can be fixed, but the 'boy wonder QB whisperer' needs to find an answer. This team is not built to win in come-from-behind situations...it's just not. If Gase is in fact a genius, let's see what he can do week one against a strong Seattle D in arguably the most hostile environment in the NFL. If we see the usual first half sleepwalking on offense again, this game will be over very quickly.


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