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Post by DolFan 316 on Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:50 pm

I suppose now the secret can finally be revealed.

At some point during the 1-4 start my interest level became even less than nonexistant, which even I, the former Potentate Of Pessimism didn't think was possible. Then the Steelers game came around, and on a whim I figured what the hell, I might as well check the final score on my tablet just to see how much they lost by.

As some of you might have kinda sorta figured out by now, I was...mildly surprised to find the Fins had actually...won.

Then on another whim I did the same thing again for the Bills game. They won again. Now all of a sudden I think I've got something positive going on here.

The Jets game confirmed it. Five times now I have checked the final score on my tablet (I also must be lying in bed while doing this apparently, with the bedside lamp on). Five times they've won.

Will I keep doing this? What do you think? Laughing

It might be a bit of a problem over the holidays and it remains to be seen if it'll work outside my house, but I'll do anything I can to find a way to be home on Sundays the rest of the way. I feel a moral responsibility now. I'm sure my sister and nephews will understand if I skip Christmas at her house, right?

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Post by rightchea on Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:41 pm

Keep doing it. If Miami keeps winning then keep with the tradition. No need to stop


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